Still Lifes for the Touchscreen Age: A Review of Alejandro Jimenez-Flores at ADDS DONNA

RECOMMENDED All of the rectangular-canvas and stretched-paper works by Alejandro Jimenez-Flores hang in the ADDS DONNA space at one upper sight line. This installation peculiarity causes larger pieces, such as “Cosmos, Tall and Wiry,” a highlight of the exhibition, to hang below a familiar height and smaller works to perch oddly just above eye level. Jimenez-Flores […]

Paintings Glow in a Repurposed Northwest Side Bar: A Review of “The Noise of Art” at Soccer Club Club

Soccer Club Club, owned and operated by Drag City Records, brings together curator Mari Eastman’s work along with artists Rebecca Morris, Mary Weatherford, Anna Sew Hoy and Allison Schulnik for “The Noise of Art.” Judiciously hung, this group exhibition uses the more nuanced aspects of the space to the artists’ advantage, like the coat closet […]

Composing New Choreography for a Modernist Favorite: A Review of Amalie Jakobsen at Efrain Lopez Gallery

RECOMMENDED Berlin-based artist Amalie Jakobsen’s show is an exacting homage to artist El Lissitzky’s “Proun Room” of 1923. Through sculpture and installation, Jakobsen revisits an old song with new choreography. Eight hollow aluminum pillars clustered in the middle of the space serve as the focal point of this exhibition. Seemingly crushed by Herculean hands, they […]

Desires Past and Present: A Review of “Our Lovely Secret Wreck” at Hume Chicago

RECOMMENDED Brian T. Leahy brings J. Michael Ford and Houston-based artist Margaux Crump into this artist-run space for “Our Lovely Secret Wreck,” a group show that puts three artists with three distinctive practices into a larger conversation of material-based objects and their relations to desire and attachment. Organizer and painter Brian T. Leahy places the artists’ […]

Narrative and Language Find Many Forms: A Review of Lauren Spencer King and Hirofumi Suda at Regards

RECOMMENDED Lauren Spencer King, despite her technical mastery in both drawing and watercolor, adds subtle, yet noticeable imperfections in the presentation of her work that eschew the more reasonable and calming expectations of level installation. A work titled “Fear” hangs too high, while an unframed watercolor called “Everything is Finished Nothing is Dead,” flaunts a […]